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Old 25th October 2012, 03:51 PM   #21
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Default Re: 3d innovations

hi guys
i am do you think kitchen and bathroom will look good in 3d paints?
any idea or picture do you have share with me .

Office Refurbishment

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Old 10th July 2013, 11:48 AM   #22
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Default Re: 3d innovations

Bad workmanship of tiler's work! Chip of corner on tiles still paste on wall. I asked for black grouting, he gave me brown. After chemical wash it became lighter brown some became white! ID saw it but never asked tiler, he kept mum then when we brought up this matter he admit its not the color we want and he prefer to use black marker and do it himself than asking the tiler to do it as he knew the tiler won't do it. There also small area below the store room door, nobody cement or put tiles on it they just say this one just paint even it was in after hacked situation. ID so sayang tilers that he want this job to be done by false ceiling guy?? Huh... This is tiler job! Hubby so angry, he cemented it himself!

Clumsy workers, especially granite worked. They came, damage my laminate kitchen cabinet and then don't have a clue that they have to bring brackets for support @ breakfast table. 2nd time came @ 7pm! Where no work should be done at this hour! Neighbour complained so I blame the ID and gave his no.

Clumsy no.2 is their plumber came to do my sink from Luxury bathroom also damage my laminate drilled a whole that's too deep and it went through my L-shaped cabinet!

Unresponsible ID, he closed my neighbour's gas! 2hrs plus they can't cook, pity them as their 70 old mother left clueless with her maid. Told ID's project manager George but he did not respond, also told their admin Nicole yet no respond of apology from ID to them nor to us! Sickening!

Over the due date! Suppose to be 1 July 2013 until now 10 July 2013 not finish. Gas not fix, don't know when they fix appt with city gas until city gas give us a later date that is tomorrow. I suppose to cook already by now, ID just makes it worse when today is my fasting month! No preparation aarrrrghhhh!!
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Old 13th July 2013, 12:33 PM   #23
Cheated by Kindness
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Violent Smiley 030 Re: 3d innovations

On wed, we went to 3d- innovation building. We searched for their head office at 7th storey in tower A & tower B but not even one states the company of 3d-innovation. Clearly that they use other names.

No choice, we went to their showroom 1st level. There seated George happily on the sofa hanging on his hp. He looked and sounded like ah beng but after he saw us looked serious, he then came to us and seated next to my husband. At first, I let my hubby do the talking but then George said that D_ _ (ID) is partly not in the fault..what!! Then I started to flush down the list. I told him this particular ID has attitude problem. When we complained to ID, he shoot us back with the word "sigh" and "I think I'm not been appreciated". I think he just lost his senses. He thinks we are his family member..? This is what become of an ID when he forgets his limits with a customer who already paid fully to his company and thus being comfortable. We did mention about ID leaved so many days blanked with no work,every week only 2-3 jobs!

After listening, he said sorry and he will try to make a day to visit our home, that is today @ 2pm. Today also carpenter came to fix the back of my L-shaped cabinet. I now communicate with George only for the balance work, no more ID, he is useless. As for the compensation we are asking from day 2nd July to 11 July to Benny Tan which is not available till end of July due to he's serving his reservist.
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Old 13th July 2013, 01:08 PM   #24
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Default Re: 3d innovations

ID went ignore on the issue of wall grouting that he said he will do it with black marker. As we already not trusting him, we told him to buy art paint brushes for us to paint it ourselves but still the best word from him is, "I don't know where to buy." Anyone should know except "DONKEY" (which I call him).
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Old 13th July 2013, 06:19 PM   #25
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Default Re: 3d innovations

George came today. Can see he always on the phone.
After looking and tell what he could do, he went out and picked another call then seconds later he make a "boring cum hypocrite" face after he said to the caller he will bring that thing."
I knew he was not sincere and patience with customer as I saw it previously in the kitchen when I was talking to him about the 2 chipped of tiles that the tiler pasted.
He is not real, just do it for the money.
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Old 2nd November 2013, 02:00 PM   #26
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Default Re: 3d innovations

Hi all,

I create an account here just because I really wish to share my experience with 3D and pre-empt others about them.

My flat is only a year old and all my carpentry are falling apart.***

1) The cabinet drawers cannot fully extend as they will be stuck halfway when pulling out.

2) Sliding wardrobe door cannot close completely.

3) Mirrors have water marks inside making it blurred.

4) Kitchen carpentry is falling off esp around hood and hob area.

5) Flooring is uneven and grout becomes rusty. We rejected several times till we gave up as they really do not have the skills to make the flooring even.

I also did not have time to do my research properly as I was rushing to move into the flat and thus fall into the trap of rushing to complete my renovations ASAP.

Please use your hard earned money wisely which you and your partner have saved for a long time. I will not recommend anyone on the work that this company provide.

The 5 years warranty basically do not cover anything because they will inform you everything is wear and tear even for defective blurred mirrors.***
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Old 5th August 2015, 03:58 AM   #27
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Default Re: 3d innovations

Originally Posted by Kraftwerk View Post
Hi All!

We have engaged their services a few weeks ago to renovate our 30 years old 3-room flat. Not to tarnish the company's image but we would like to maintain tranparency between our service provider & customer like us.

Our unit is in the mist of renovation & so far there are a few hiccups on their window contractor poor workmanship. However it is still too early to determine as well as my ID overall performance such as commitment/coordination/planning/designer ideas & most impotantly dedication after sales. Paris shuttle transportation

Do stay tune folks! We will update pictures & feedback on our renovation works. Cheers!

We are still waiting for your updates!

I have one question to you.

Can somebody help explain to me in simple terms the meaning of “2D to 3D is an innovation in itself”?

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Old 19th January 2016, 12:54 PM   #28
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Default Re: 3d innovations


It happens to me...
1) Once you signed-up, you never see the ID. They never visit your house.
you are left doing the coordination work for yourself.

2) Till date (after 6 weeks pass) I have yet to see my 2D perspective design that they promise.

3) The ID will just arrange for various contractor(s) to visit you. You only discuss what you intend to do with the contractor, but the ID never presence. So they have the slightest idea what you intend to do, how the electrical to run, etc., etc.

4) The account suddenly call a halt to my project, which I later found out that it was their company policy to collect 80% of the renovation contract price before the window work.
My house is only a simple renovation work - change of windows, grills, carpentry (wardrobe) work and overlay of Vinyl flooring. The work has to start from windows so that plaster, painting can be done before the flooring and carpentry work (to prevent damaging/dirtying the finished floor). I have paid up 50% (app $15K) upfront (10% at signing + 40% start of work (removal of my existing wardrobe). after that they halt the work, demanding that I pay another 30% before they commence the window work (which cost is only $3K). The $15K upfront is already more than excess of the window work. I think the company has problem.

5) Because they have the slightest what is going on in the renovation work. they screwed up the renovation process. e.g. arrange a partition guys to do the (ceiling) box-up and plastering guys to plaster the walls, before running of electrical. Now I have problem running cables (TV, internet, telephone) wiring into my rooms, without spoiling the partition and wall plastering.

6) you call the ID, they either don't answer your call or reply that they are with client and will call back, but never did. SMS them and they never respond. Always giving excuses that they have to take turn do duty in showrooms.

7) this company want business, but do not want to do services.

8) we have bedrooms that has TV, now this leisure part of my life is taken away by this company.

9) I later found out from one of their contractor that this company always over promises and never deliver. Mine is not the first case.
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