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Household Electrical Appliances Discussion Discuss household electrical appliances like TV, Washer, Dryer, Cooker hob & hood, refrigerator .. [Post Household Appliances Chat].

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Old 16th April 2009, 10:52 PM   #1
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Default Warning - Tecnogas cooker hob glass top Exploded and shattered

Details of the “explosion” of the Tecnogas cooker hob:

On 13th April 2009, around 1100 hours. My grandmother was cooking some soup using the Technogas cooker hob which we own. The unit was then seven years old. After she boiled the soup for approximately half an hour, she switched it off and settled down at the dining table to have her lunch with my grandfather. The dining table is just 120cm away from the cooker hob. The time was approximately 1145 hours.

About 1220 hours, there was a very loud explosion; following of shattered glass. I rushed into the kitchen to investigate. To my horror, I found many small pieces of glasses on the floor from the “shattered” glass of the cooker hob. I cleaned up the glasses immediately to prevent any one getting an injury and called up the customer service officer from Techno Shop Pte Ltd and their technician was called in for the investigation on the same day.

Below is what their technician from Technogas claimed:
The cooker was not cleaned; it was old and not maintained. This resulted in some fire leaking beneath, resulting in a fire burning on the glass; which results in a shattered glass.

Please note that:

1. The fire was “off’ for approximately half hour or more. The cooker hob was not on at that point of time. The glass has “exploded” due to heat as a matter of fact; not fire.
2. My grandparents could have been injured due to the “flying” glass from the cooker hob when it “exploded”

The customer service from Tecno Shop Pte Ltd, Miss Hu was suppose to call us on 15th morning on their intention to resolve the matter after their investigation but I waited till one pm. I had only to call to Ms Hu and was later referred to Mr Chew Heng Leng, their customer service manager. He had bluntly told us that they would only replace the glass and a service charge as well as a transport charge would be borne by us.

I was angry and felt unjustified that this would be their response to their customers. I find their explanation on the matter with great doubts and wished to bring to your attention urgently this matter before someone really got hurt.
Though with luck, my grandparents are not injured but they could have been by the “flying” glass or glass bits on the kitchen floor as a result of the accident. Besides, we did not intentionally or unintentionally break the cooker hob’s glass top and I do not agree to pay the service and transport charge as such. This is a case of product inferiority.

Such products not conforming to the consumers’ safety requirement must have been overlooked. Not to mention their attitude in handling a customers’ complain.

I have since bought a new cooker hob that comes with a stainless steel top and hood from another maker and got a licensed PUB contractor to have it fix up on 16th April at 1600 hours. Safety Department from Spring Singapore have also contacted me saying they will carry out the necessary investigation; until such time, anyone using it please be wary..especially if you got old folks at home.

I sincerely hope anyone using the above product to be careful before your love ones get hurt.
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Old 17th April 2009, 03:46 PM   #2
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Default Re: Warning - Tecnogas cooker hob glass top Exploded and shattered

I have recently posted the above topic on “Electrical and Electronics” and “Kopitiam” the last 2 days on **** forum, another website for house furnishing. The topics were removed without any notification from the moderators even though it was a warning to their members to take extra precaution when using it.

I have explained on”Kopitiam” on the importance of the topics that anyone could be hurt in the event it was used, and I feel that the **** forum should be responsible if someone does because the warning was deleted in the attempt to protect their sponsors.

I have since left the forum without further posting because sadly I feel that it is just one of those commercial forums out for the money than the interest of its members.

I will continue my tasks in warning others, as well as my “experience” with ***

I have also kept copies of my “ex” post in screen shot, in the event if someone got into the same episode as me, I will publish through the press with the help of my friends on my encounter and let “****” express itself.

(We have removed the forum name itself as it will divert our traffic over there unnecessarily - Admin)
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Old 16th October 2013, 11:22 AM   #3
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Default Re: Warning - Tecnogas cooker hob glass top Exploded and shattered

The same thing happened to me yesterday, basing on your photos I think I also have the same model. I spoke to Tecno and they gave me the same answer to you (change glass free but need to pay for transport).

I am considering changing to a steel base hob as well.

What was the brand and model you replaced it with? I noticed the base is rounded and I am concerned whether there is a need to further modify my counter top.
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Old 27th November 2013, 05:15 PM   #4
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Default Re: Warning - Tecnogas cooker hob glass top Exploded and shattered

To be fair to the manufacturer, your hob looks ridiculously poorly maintained (or rather, I'd say no maintenance at all). You've even placed a weird foreign metal object on the glass which I have no idea what for. You should actually consider yourself very lucky that yours even lasted you 7 good years. Its like saying you are too lazy to brush your teeth but want to have a nice set of pearly whites even when you are 60. Its ridiculous!

Personally, I have 2 Tecnogas glass hobs thus far. The first one lasted over 10 years before I switched to a new one after shifting house and the second one is now 4 years old. I would say that like most guys, I'm a pretty rough and careless user with frequent spillage while boiling soup and also have the habit to placing hot pots and pans on the glass surface (despite the instruction manual telling you not to). The thing is that thus far, everything is working fine with no sign of any cracks happening (touch wood). I strongly believe that its all down to how you maintain and take care of your equipment. Its exactly like how you treat your wife, treat her like an angel and she'll make you feel like you're in heaven.

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Old 23rd January 2018, 01:39 PM   #5
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Default Re: Warning - Tecnogas cooker hob glass top Exploded and shattered

Exact same thing happened to my glass hob shattering and sending small bits and pieces of glasses flying around the kitchen. Thankfully all of my 3 children were in the living room when it exploded on 19/01/[email protected]:32 hours. I tried calling the Technogas immediately but was placed infinitely on hold with no one coming on the line. Then I sent an email to them to respond immediately. On 22/01/18, I was contacted by a staff who told me that a technician will come to investigate and replace the glass but I must pay him $50+GST for his transport. He will also say if any parts are damaged and I have to pay for it separately. As I questioned about the safety of another similar incident, she offered stainless steel hob (@$100) & 3 burners (@75) as discounted price. I said, "never mind, ask him to just replace & will pay him $53.50 so that my wife can resume cooking as my 2 younger children were all on MC for a week and cant eat outside food".

The technician came at 7:30 pm (appointment was before 6 pm). I had left for work & my wife doesn't speak English. He spoke to me over the phone and blamed us for removing some screws which had caused it to explode. We had not opened any screws and we had only contacted Tecnogas a year back to change the connector from LPG to PUB gas. I said perhaps, you should check with your technician if he did it. He said if it was a year back, it would have exploded within 2 months and still pushed the blame to us. I found the accusation offensive but yet i told him to resolve the issue after investigating.

On 23/01/18, he called and said they can offer new stainless steel hob at $350 at a discounted price. I was asked in an irresponsible manner, whether I want to proceed with it or not without any sense of wanting to be responsible for selling a defective product that is supposed to come with lifetime warranty for glass, turning the blame on us, hiking the price from Free replacement, to $50 transport then to a $175 and then to a $350 for a new sale. Very cheap selling strategy, irresponsible customer service, unethical business model. As I had no choice, I had agreed to ask them to replace with the new stove. I feel very unfairly cheated by the company and their behaviors are very dishonest, remorseless, and taking advantage of people's desperation in order to make money. I will never patronize their brand anymore. When I did googling, I saw this thread where another few also had expressed grievances, I decided to share my experience as well so that others can benefit and protect themselves.
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