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Default 97876343 SG quartz granite marble counter top kitchen cabinet vanity basin bath tub s

Mark Ashley’s.
Singapore’s Leading Office Home Services Specialist.
Specialising in all types flooring vanity tops - Marble, Wood, Tiles, Parquet & Granite Restoration Singapore.
Excellent makeover service at reasonable prices. Satisfaction assured.
Call or text: 97876343

Home office Parquet waxing polishing sanding grinding & varnishing.
Marble honing powder crystal polishing buffing waxing deep cleaning.
Granite buffing waxing diamond polishing grinding shine restoration.
Timber Wooden floor sanding grinding vanishing gloss & matt finish.
Removal of scratches stains levelling round edge polishing repairs SG.
Professional shine restoration for high glossy shine clean floor surface.
Remove unwanted water marks coffee tea stains brighten floor surface.
Resurfacing to fill of floor gaps dirt grime patching sealing floor slugs.
Expert treatment to enhance floor wet shiny finish super shine gloss lustre.
Call or WhatsApp: +6597876343

Eradicate yellow food alcohol urine water lacquer paint stains burn marks.
Brighten damaged granite parquet marble evening floor surface texture.
Hand Machine waxing diamond polishing using grout restoration tools.
Deep sanding varnishing grinding replacement timber doors floors skirting.
Ceramic homogeneous carpet tiles deep chemical washing cleaning restoring.
Crystallization marble granite homogeneous tile grouting levelling grinding.
Stone floor levelling chemical washing honing marble glue grout application.
Vanity top marble granite replacement repair restoration replace grind polish.
Singapore best house office renovation home contractor Interior designer.
Wash clean tiles marble granite stone terrazzo scrubbing floor cleaning in SG.
Call or WhatsApp: +6597876343

You can be assured of exceptional service. FREE Quotes.
Done by the professional renovation flooring experts. Over 20 years’ experience.
Granite marble epoxy treatment to patch holes cracks pores chips restore uneven surface gloss.
Hacking replace supply installation parquet quartz limestone install onyx granite marble tiles change SG
Call or WhatsApp: +6597876343

Mark Ashley’s.
Singapore’s Leading Office Home Services Specialist
All types Stone floor buff polish sand grind varnish wash wax clean.
Restoration of wooden parquet timber wood marble granite floor care.
Kitchen living bedroom bathroom wall shower basin floor tiles enhance colour.
Specific mosaic ceramic homogeneous terrazzo porcelain tiles clean scrubbing washing.
Best Parquet sanding grinding varnishing Granite Marble honing polishing buffing waxing deep cleaning SG.
Floor shine restoration services. All types of Timber Wooden floor sanding grinding varnishing gloss restore.
Crystallisation of all marble granite stone homogeneous tiles grouting marble glue application. In commercial residential home office hotels restaurants house clubs condominium apartment hospitals hotels pubs bars retail outlet shops stores. Interior design services repair restoration makeover. Singapore’s finest house renovation contractor best homes Interior designer also providing demolition hacking refurbishment construction works in Singapore. Cheap good epoxy treatment.
Plus install replace change parquet quartz limestone install onyx granite marble tiles supply installation SG.
SG kitchen cabinet TV console wardrobe sink solid surface quartz counter top steel wood cupboard closet.
TEL: 97876343
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